Communications internationales

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  2. “Synthesis And Biological Evaluation Of Some Benzodiazepine Structures ” L. HAMMAL, A. GUENFOUD, N. MEDJDOUB, N. MAZOUZI, B. NEDJAR KOLLI. 20th International Conference on Organic Synthesis (ICOS 20) 29 june- 04 july- 2014 budapest, Hungary.
  3. “Evaluation antimicrobial of some benzimidazolthiones and substituted thiourea derivatives synthesized from the dihydropyrone”., Rafik Messekher[a], Lamouri Hammal[a] , Samira. Merabtene[b], Bellara Nedjar KOLLI[a]. ESOR 2013, 1- 6 Septembre Prague.
  4. “Synthesis and antibacterial evaluation of some substituted Pyrazolones”, ZAOUI Assia[a], HAMMAL Lamouri [a], MERABTENE Samia[b], NEDJAR- KOLLI Bellara[a], ESOC 2013, 7- 12 Juillet Marseille.
  5. “Potentiometric studies, synthesis and single crystal X-rays structure of a Copper(II) complex with a new pyrazolone derivative ligand”. Selma Akcha, Lamouri Hammal, Smail Triki, Bellara Kolli, Ouassini Benali Baitich. International symposium on metal complexes, 16th-20th June 2013, Burgos-Spain
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